This past week, I have had the distinct pleasure to visit Ireland for a second time.  Most travellers will go to a place in Europe once, tour around for a couple days and be done with it.  However, Ireland has always been a country of interest to me.  This stems from a strong liking for Irish music, Irish dancing, Irish food, Irish history and most importantly Irish beer.




Blog 30 Nov 2012 BrOSLO 2012

This past November, a couple friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Oslo Norway to drink beers, party and enjoy the city.  Norway is an interesting place, stories and tales constantly tell of a place that is extremely expensive and if you want to party, might as well stay in Belgium, or head over to Germany.  However, the misleading Ryan Air flight hooked us with a return trip only costing 32 Euros.

This past weekend, I had the privelege to take a day trip with a good friend to Liege in Belgium.  The train ride from Leuven was rather quick (45 mins), which was nice as I sat there and just watched the countryside.  It made me wish Canada could come up with more convenient transportation in between cities.  Our initial mission was to use a free coupon to the Aquarium in Liege.  Needless to say, we discovered taxodermy at it's best and saw some sea creatures including a Nemo clown fish.

This past weekend, I decided to pamper myself and grab a spa weekend in SPA, Belgium. This was a great opportunity to regroup, think about life, do something new and work shit out. Spa Belgium is located in Wallonia on the edge of the Ardennes, it is a town famous for it's thermal spa, spa water and good food. I stayed in a quaint little guesthouse in the forested area of town about a 10 minute walk to the thermal spa. The co-ed nude sauna, steam room, hot tub and the panoramic view of Spa was a nice treat to clear my head and enjoy a weekend away from the dependence of the internet.

Blog 19 Oct 2012 The WBC advantage


  These past couple years, the WBC team has been working hard to advance our website from scratch and so far we are happy with the results.  Seeing as the WBC is self supporting, we have decided to create a free, user-friendly, gimmick free website, for drinker's of all levels to enjoy.  We are not here to compete with other websites, nor to load you with emails, or promotional material, most of our marketing has been through other social media sites, or through word of mouth.